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  • Jimdragon   •   Thu, Nov 16th, '17 03:31   •   8 replies, 664 views

Cycle layout

WeekAnavarTest/EQ 450SustanonTren AceTamoxifen
150mg per day2ml per week2ml per week2ml per week0
250mg pd2ml per week2ml per week2ml per weel20mg eod
350mg pd2ml per week 2ml per week 2ml per week20mg eod
4100mg pd3ml per week2ml per week2ml per week20mg eod
5100mg pd3ml per week2ml per week2ml per week20mg eod
6100mg pd3ml per week2ml per week2ml per week20mg eod
7100mg pd3ml per week2ml per week2ml per week20mg eod
8100mg pd3ml per week2ml per week2ml per week20mg eod
9100mg pd3ml per week2ml per week2ml per week20mg eod
10pregnly 5000iu twice a week-20mg eod
11pregnly 5000iu twice a week20mg eod

Description, concerns and expectations

Hi guys, thought I would post a before and after pic of a 9 week cycle I hit to help gain some vascularity and muscle. I'm a PT so constantly on the go but heres how it went

Anavar 50mg every morning before breakfast until week 4 then 100mg every morning (50 in the morning and 50 at night)
Test/EQ 450 blend 1ml (1.5ml from week 4) mixed with 1ml Sustanon 250 and 1ml tren a every Tuesday and Friday in the morning before breakfast
Tamoxifen to keep those sides down every other day, 1 tab seemed fine and I added pregnyl 5000iu twice a week to just keep things rticking over.

Training wise: approx 6-7 different exercises all reps of 10
Chest Monday
Tuesday Back and biceps
Weds Legs and Abs
Thursday Shoulders
Friday arms
Sat-Sunday 1hour of cardio on each day

As well as being fully active with clients

Eating: Healthy
Breakfast egg whites and porridge
Mid morning chicken breast with broccoli
Lunch Chicken breast with sweet potato and asparagus
Post work out Tuna with pasta
Evening meal either chicken or beef with sweet potato and spinach

This was my first real go on a cycle and I wanted to post some pics, I'm pretty happy with the outcome

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

No progress updates added to this Cycle Log.


  • natalijka's picture
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  • natalijka
  • 1 year ago

You look more shredded.

  • stairmaster's picture
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  • stairmaster
  • 1 year ago

too high dosages 100Var ?, Test + Sust ?, 9wks EQ ?

  • IrishMack's picture
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  • IrishMack
  • 1 year ago

If those are before and after you look exactly the same. All that aas you used to look the same was a waste. Also tren a is not a twice a week esther so that was also useless. 9 weeks of eq is like 2 weeks of test cyp. 9 weeks of anavar at 100mg a day?

  • Rustyhooker's picture
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Looks sketchy.

  • IrishMack's picture
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  • 2128

Makes no sense, and then you look at the pictures and it looks like zero change, should have been labeled before breakfast then after lunch that would be more believable based on the zero results from a a gram a week cycle. THEN using Tam at 20mg eod like it was doing anything at that dose of aas.

  • SuperMax's picture
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  • SuperMax
  • 1 year ago

How was your appetite? I’ve never ran EQ with Tren Ace.

  • j1980's picture
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  • j1980
  • 1 year ago

I wouldn't run all those compounds at the same time. That's just me though. Looking at your pre and post pics, you've done a great job! Keep up the good work.

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Thank you bro, what makes you say you wouldnt do them all together? Health/side risks?