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  • ironguy1972   •   Fri, Jan 27th, '17 16:47   •   3 replies, 415 views

Cycle layout

WeekTest EnthHCGNolvadexClomidqAromasin
3500mg6.25mg 2x/day
4500mg6.25mg 2x/day
5500mg6.25mg 2x/day
6500mg6.25mg 2x/day
7500mg6.25mg 2x/day
8500mg500UI - if need6.25mg 2x/day
9500mg500UI - if need6.25mg 2x/day
10500mg500UI - if need6.25mg 2x/day
11500mg500UI - if need6.25mg 2x/day
12500mg500UI - if need6.25mg 2x/day
145000 IU blast
1540mg100mg6.25mg 2x/day
1640mg100mg6.25mg 2x/day
1720mg50mgif needed
20mg50mgif needed

Description, concerns and expectations

6'1", 210 lbs. I feel like I've peaked in the gym and want to put on some mass while preserving my HPTA as much as possible so I'm going to keep the first one "normal" haha. I put in my AI, aromasin (pharma) at 6.25mg split twice a day, but only if I need it. I don't seem to aromatize too much but i figure it's better to have on hand. Everything I have is Euro pharma....Testoviron Depot, etc. Any feed back would be welcome. This is a proposed cycle and I don't plan to start until May. Diet is on point but any pointers for macros while on cycle would help,. Thanks in advance guys

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Cycle progress updates

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  • velo556's picture
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  • velo556
  • 6 months ago

I love this cycle layout, I have personally done this cycle 2x before. I'm a big fan of low dose, long duration cycles. Simple and very effective, especially for a first time run. You'll learn a lot about how your body responds to 500mgs of Test(Hint-It's incredible!)
SuperMax - I never realized that Exemestane had such a short half-life, that would explain why I sometimes felt like it was weak or under-dosed. I'll be using it 2x daily from now on.
Learn something new everyday!

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  • SuperMax
  • 6 months ago

Nice lay out!! & I like the way you use your Exemestane 2x a day. The half life is relatively short for Exemestane, like 9hrs Max. So one dose AM & another at PM.
In the above link they review effects of Exemestane on young male candidates
The PK properties of the 25-mg dose showed the highest exemestane concentrations 1 h after administration, indicating rapid absorption. The terminal half-life was 8.9 h. Maximal estradiol suppression of 62 +/- 14% was observed at 12 h.
I know for myself 2x a day is required, I am prone to gyno

  • JWhoops's picture
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  • JWhoops
  • 7 months ago

Like it but I would start of so high with Aromasin, just stay at 6.25 its a type 1 inhibitor. I would have gone with arimidex instead with this cycle. But thats just me. I doubt you will need HCG.. loos like you blast is for what 10 days? thats how long it should be..