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  • Editdrying up but still gaining

  • Odyssey1   •   Mon, Oct 16th, '17 18:27   •   9 replies, 699 views

Cycle layout

WeekTest ESuperdrolTren EEquiposeAnavar
1300mg/w20mg e/d400mg/w600mg/w
2300mg/w20mg e/d400mg/w600mg/w
3300mg/w20mg e/d400mg/w600mg/w
4300mg/w10mg e/d400mg/w600mg/w
15300mg/w600mg/w60mg e/d
16300mg/w600mg/w60mg e/d
17300mg/w600mg/w60mg e/d
18300mg/w600mg/w60mg e/d
19300mg/w600mg/w60mg e/d
20300mg/w600mg/w60mg e/d

Description, concerns and expectations

3rd cycle... this year. been in the gym for 13 plus yrs as my profile states and have been using on and off since my teens... dont do that kids. on TRT for about 5 yrs now so ya not worth people. if you wanna know a battle try and convince people you need testosterone at 24 and that your depression isn't cause you're sad

30yrs old
215-220 lbs

end game goal is... come on there is no end game. shits addicting!
looking to do first show before 35 as it has been something on my bucket list. no desire to compete in physique or to lose so i wont enter unless im ready.

only new compound here is EQ.

caber on hand but wasnt needed with previous tren experience
arimidex is pharma and used at .5mg every 3 days ish
I keep estro in check so progesterone doesn't flair

On TRT so no pct.

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • SuperMax
  • 1 year ago

Is the superdrol oral or injectable?
How’s the diet going to look?
Will there be any cardio involved?
Do you have support supplements on hand?
(N2 guard, TUDCA, organ protector, hawthorn berry, saw palmetto etc...?
At how many points in this cycle do you plan to get bloods pulled?

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Diet will be a fun experiment. We will see how much eq makes me eat and how much of that causes tren indigestion. I don’t fuck around with food. No fast food or pop or bs in my daily diet so won’t happen here. If appetite is huge then it’ll just be more chicken and fish and lean beef. Big carbs pre and post morning workout that tapper to none towards the night.

Stair climber 3x a week. 20-30 minutes low intensity.

Always have a complete organ support supplement. My daily routine consists of things like coq10, fish oil, and complete organ support so that won’t change.

Once mid cycle and once post with a blood donation pre and mid as well.

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  • Odyssey1
  • 1 year ago
  • @Pmob

Forgive my lack of internet lingo as I have no idea what this means lol

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Sounds good

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  • PPGfreak
  • 1 year ago

Well normally I come here and look at the cycles and shake my head. But this one I like and I never say that. I've never run Sdrol myself so I can't really comment on that part but the rest of it looks ok.

Unfortunately I can't +2 you because of the shirt you're wearing lol

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Lmfao all good bro. Ty for the input.

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  • redsquat
  • 1 year ago

question brother, how did you end up with trt? I mean did you blast and cruise during your early cycles?... my older friend will have a similar dilema soon as he has been blasting and cruising for a good part of a decade. he’s planning to come off completely next year.

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I mostly just kept blasting over and over. New stack after new stack. Not only was it dumb but it was during some of my bodies most crucial growing and hormone production years. Ruined me for life on a hormone level.