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  • EditBulk cycle trying out proviron

  • Shortmuscle1997   •   Sat, Nov 24th, '18 23:10   •   6 replies, 329 views

Cycle layout

WeekTestosterone EnanthateDbolProviron
1500mg40mg day50mg day
2500mg40mg day50mg day
3500mg40mg day50mg day
4500mg40mg day50mg day
5500mg50mg day
6500mg50mg day

Description, concerns and expectations

This was my second cycle ever i wanted to try out proviron and see if it had any benefits my last cycle contained only test e and dbol for 12 weeks 1-4 dbol
1-12 test this was a good cycle gained about 21 retained 17 pounds all my lifts increased as well so basically i did the same cycle with proviron and notice my strength went up dramatically compared to just test and dbol slight hair lose though the weight gain my have been slightly better but not enoff to compare overall i belive takeing proviron was great for strength increases however not much else not sure if im allowed to post about the source i got it from but here it is any ways all came from crazydoser.com

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • totao83
  • 3 months ago

do more research you are too young for this but if you must do more research dont go crazy remember you don't want to fuck up you're body way too young bro.

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  • stairmaster
  • 4 months ago


No steroids are needed with 22 and read the rules!

Age: 22
Height: 5,3
Weight: 140

Anyway, if you think u must run a cycle keep the dbol dosage constance and use the proviron till the end of your (short) 12 week cycle. I'd prefer 16 weeks and post your PCT, I'm sure totally bullshit.

And delete the source!

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Come on man, you just gave the guy cycle advice and hes 22. how long have you been here for?
Neg yourself 5 points for that.

  • stairmaster's picture
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You're right mate, have seen it too late but I edited the post immediately after I've seen it!

  • elBruto's picture
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  • elBruto
  • 4 months ago

why would you stop proviron in the middle?..

  • Robman040's picture
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  • Robman040
  • 4 months ago

Your 22 and too young to be using AAS