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  • EditBack in game Cycle

  • november1   •   Thu, Sep 13th, '18 04:28   •   9 replies, 441 views

Cycle layout

WeekTestosterone PropinateTestosterone EnanthateProvironArmidexClomidNolva
1100mg EOD600mg
2100mg EOD600mg
3100mg EOD600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
4100mg EOD600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
5600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
6600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
7600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
8600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
9600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
10600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
11600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
12600mg 25-50mg ED0.5mg EOD
15150mg ED60mg ED
16100mg ED40mg ED
1750mg ED40mg ED
1850mg ED20mg ED

Description, concerns and expectations

After long time of lots of hits in life in past months, i have decided to get back in game.
Previously made a decision to go natty, well everything changes sometimes, been depressed and without motivation for a time, planning to change that.
I have run around 4 cycles before. Primitive to more advanced, and have planned this one for a while.
Will be running :
1-4 Test p 100 EOD
1-12 Test e 600 a week (Monday and Thursday),
2-12 Provi 25-50 ED - will start at 25 and up on feelings
8-12 Winny 30-50mg day ( Considering)
2-12 Armidex 0.5 EOD

Clomid and Tamoxifen

BF-need to check exact, but have some fat to burn later on. Now just needs to hit that 100kg point.

Will be hitting gym hard.
Hopefully 5 times a week
Wednesday cardio and Sunday off.

Eating my boxes filled with brown rice, broccoli, chicken breasts 4 times a day - the hardest part!! :)

Will keep an update here how things go.

Goals: Get to 100 lean so more than that basically. Will be eating a lot and not afraid of fat, i know good cutting ways for that.

Pre cycle picture

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Post cycle picture

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  • Celestiax
  • 6 months ago

I'm in the same boat as you, might be older though. This is what I'm doing, after research and advice from fellow members:
• Get your blood test and know your numbers: white and red blood cell count, liver enzymes, kidney function, cholesterol, testosterone and a1c, or do a comprehensive panel.
• Get going with diet and exercise until you drop body fat to a low double digit or lower. After all, your body will respond more favorably to hormones if you are in a great shape already. Give yourself enough time, make a plan and challenge yourself to achieve your goal.
• Reduce the clutter and cut the cost. Too many compounds for essentially a stand alone Test cycle. I'd say drop the Test P, Prviron and Winstrol. Not that those compounds are inefficient, but they need lots of experience to reap maximum benefits and you're simply just starting over. The Test P isn't really necessary and I'm not sure how the trend of jump starting caught on. Back in the day you either did long or shot ester cycles. Also, quality is better than quantity, invest in high grade meds and you'll be happy.
• After you spent the time needed to get your body in shape pre-cycle, and decided to take Test E with Anastrazole, do another blood test (6-8 weeks in) to see how your body is responding, then adjust doses accordingly.
• PTC I'm not a fan of the Clomid/Nolvadex 4-6 PTC. I found it ineffective at the typical doses and taper off recommendations, so I'd research it, unless you're old enough TRT, then I'd cruise.
• Above all, you must be in control of depression or all of this will be another failure, and it'll push you even further down the abyss. Come up with work out routines and stick to them for 4-6 weeks and switch, add different types of cardio, eat whole foods and be picky! Macro-nutrient diets are bs because not all calories created equally.
• Don't be too proud or embarrassed to ask for help.

Good luck!

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  • Dope
  • 6 months ago

Great advice for makwa and sam !

Hope you have a nice cycle brother , please listen to these 2 gentlemen , they will set you straight



+1 for having good head on tour shoulders

  • november1's picture
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  • november1
  • 6 months ago
  • @Dope

Tnx man.
Im always open for good advice.

  • Makwa's picture
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  • Makwa
  • 6 months ago

Just getting back into gym and diet? If so, now is not the time to run a cycle.

The winni seems out of place here for what you are trying to do.

  • november1's picture
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  • november1
  • 6 months ago
  • @Makwa

Till the winny still time to consider, dont want to put extra preasure on liver.
Tnx for advice.
I am still considering the orals - except provi.

But this is pretty basic cycle, and i see i get negged- and explaining first?
That is not right way.
Should i take it down?

I appropriate the help members here give, and advice, just put this up so i can see my progress.
Agien, your words matter man - and well taken into consideration.

  • Makwa's picture
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Not sure why anyone would neg it. Gave you +2 so maybe that will help.
When you are ready to cycle, I would go with test e and provi with your prop kick and skip the orals.

  • november1's picture
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  • november1
  • 6 months ago
  • @Makwa

I think that's wise.
To get back on track.
Tnx man.

  • Sam I Am's picture
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  • Sam I Am
  • 6 months ago

If your gonna kickstart with prop I'd drop the dbol. I wouldn't recommend ever doing two orals in one cycle. Where your at 500 mgs of test with 50 mgs.provi and a good diet and hard training is all you need. +2 for posting. Be sure to think about peoples advice. Goodluck

  • november1's picture
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Yeah sam, thats good idea, i pm'd few members here to max out the cycle.
I wrote i may use the dbol, but as far i get now, its not wise.
Dropping it - Update cycle log.

And i always appreciate positive and even negative comments.

If someone feels like negging me for putting up cycle- not cool.

Tnx for advice agien mate,