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  • Edit 10 Week NPP, Test E and Anavar Cycle

  • ktm85   •   Wed, Nov 30th, '16 01:15   •   10 replies, 1197 views

Cycle layout

WeekTest ENPPAnavarAnastrozoleTamoxifenClomiphene
1500mg400mg .5mg EOD
2500mg400mg .5mg EOD
3500mg400mg .5mg EOD
4500mg400mg .5mg EOD
5500mg400mg .5mg EOD
6500mg400mg .5mg EOD
7500mg400mg .5mg EOD
8500mg400mg 40mg ED.5mg EOD
9500mg400mg 40mg ED.5mg EOD
10500mg400mg 40mg ED.5mg EOD
1140mg ED.5mg EOD
1240mg ED100mg ED
1320mg ED50mg ED
1420mg ED50mg ED
1520mg ED50mg ED

Description, concerns and expectations

Looking for some veteran advise/concerns on my first short NPP cycle.

31 years old
Current weight is 198lbs
BF 16%
Height 5ft 11"

This will be my third cycle I have ran. First being a Test C only and second was a Test C and Deca (low dose).

My plan is to pin the Test E at 250mg every 4 days and the NPP at 100mg EOD.
I would like to harden up and lean out at the end with the Anavar. (Still debating on this)

If anyone has a source for NPP and Anavar they would highly recommend that would be greatly appreciated.

Pre cycle picture

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Cycle progress updates

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  • PropSlayer's picture
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  • PropSlayer
  • 1 year ago

Hopefully you're not a 31 year old guy that rides a KTM 85sx? Haha

As for the cycle I think you should just drop the NPP if you want to harden up and lean out. Not to mention 19 nor's carry heavy side effects. Test and var would work well for your goals. Can't mention sources but look on the home page

  • Roid Noid's picture
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  • Roid Noid
  • 1 year ago

running NPP, a short ester, with a long ester of test is likely going to create some erectile problems about 10 days in(and possibly other problems). This is widely preached and many of suffered from it. But I have also read people claiming they had no ill effects running NPP or deca with nothing else.....I am one of the ones that suffer the effects of nandrolone without test.

  • TheFlash85's picture
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  • TheFlash85
  • 1 year ago

Wheres the caber? Starting arimadex too soon, week 4 is where id think about it, test e too short, npp too long, var is mis matched with cycle, pct not suffice for cycle.

  • ktm85's picture
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I will get caber as well. What would you recommend to add to the PCT?

  • ktm85's picture
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  • ktm85
  • 1 year ago

Thank you for the great advice guys. Will be updating this soon.

  • PPGfreak's picture
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  • PPGfreak
  • 1 year ago

I would switch to test prop. I'm not a fan of running test e or c cycles for only 10 weeks. You really won't see our feel anything until week four and then you only have six weeks on it.

  • Dacky's picture
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  • Dacky
  • 1 year ago

If you're trying to "lean out" why the NPP? I don't think you need to run a 19nor and potentialy have to deal with the sides from that. And you made no mention of potential sides and what you will do about it. No mention of a DA. No mention of estro control and I'd be a bit worried about your test to deca ratio. What about pre and on cycle blood work. Just some things for you to think about and research you need to do. Oh and what about your PCT?

My view is you could do this with just Test (I would prefer prop at 75mg ED for 10 weeks assuming you have enough pin sites and experience to manage ED pinning or switch to 150mg EOD if you don't) and if you're BF gets low enough add the VAR in for the last 6 weeks at 50mg ED split dose. Diet and training will dictate everything with this so give this some attention too.

  • Makwa's picture
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This would be a much better approach.

  • The Impastable's picture
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  • The Impastable
  • 1 year ago
  • @Dacky

As always, excellent info.

In my opinion, the best thing to do is run test prop + Provi for the 10 weeks. Keep the gear simple and work the hardest in the kitchen, fasted cardio, 3etc.

Running anavar at 16% to trim fat is a waste of var IMO.

  • WelshNmad's picture
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  • WelshNmad
  • 1 year ago

Swap Test E for Test prop to match the npp ester