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Overall 96.6667% 36 Quality 97.7778% 36 Delivery 91.1111% 36 Service 96.1111% 36 Pricing 96.1111% 36
  • Bmw0101 » He keeps saying it’s coming instead of giving h a tracking lol. Just take it as a loss bro. I would stick to Onlybetas and pureanabolics from now on ain’t gotta worry about waiting a month even on sale. Just take it as a loss.
  • wanted » Reading the discussion page is definitely the right step before leaving this review. You will see packs are landing in order of order. I saw april 27 th ish landing this week so math and logic is may orders next week. Good thing is —its coming
  • Bmw0101 » Btw my may 2nd order just shipped 2 days ago . Just got the tracking. If I ddnt post a review I’m guessing it would never shipped. Ops.
  • Jay1312 » I’d like to say I’m hopeful of that however through communication with gorilla king they asked me if I could pay in bitcoin which I already did. Plus I have had numerous communications with them where they stated it’s on the way and now he ask me this. Sounds strange to me. Anyone would be uneasy whenever the shipping time on sight says 7-10 ad it’s been more plus very vague answers to my questions.
  • [SRC] Gorillakingz » What email are you emailing bro? We wouldn’t ask you to pay anything
  • toddlez » Would you be able to accept my request so i can pm you
  • Jay1312 » [email protected] just got email back saying fount order shipped Tuesday be here Saturday.
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My overall experience
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Overall experience has been extremely positive. This review is coming on the heels of four previous orders, with a fifth order already placed. This review is covering the following products: Test Cyp 250, Hgh + bacteriostatic water, Anavar 20, Cialis 50, and Aromasin 25. Source has been a pleasure to deal with and will do business here again.

Products, effectiveness and results
Average: 5 (1 vote)

This cycle is a 16 week cut. 8 weeks Test & Hgh, then 8 weeks with the addition of Anavar at 40 mg/day split into two doses (AM & pre-workout). Test has been at 250mg/E3D & Hgh has been at 5iu’s, split morning and pre-workout.

Test Cyp replaced pharma Test Cyp from TRT doc. Bloodwork was posted to pics in my profile and show good numbers at 6 weeks running 250mg/E3D. Felt great initially and started to notice some sides (acne, ankle swelling, decreased sex drive). Pulled bloods at 6 weeks and confirmed high e2.

Aromasin got e2 back to normal levels within 1 week. Bloodwork posted in my pics to support. Ran this at 25 day 1, 12.5 days 2-7, and have since dropped this back to 12.5 eod. Sides are gone at this dose.

Anavar added at week 9. Strength was maintained (barely) through this point while dropping 8lbs. Dexa scan to follow in July to confirm bf% lost but mirror results are noticeable in fat loss. Strength has gone up every week since adding the Anavar. Pumps are excellent as well, painful at times at this dose.

Hgh has not been bloodwork tested yet but hair and nail growth has increased and sleep is improved. Hands start to hurt in the AM with anything over 5 iu’s. Bac water has no issues and does its job - no infections, swelling, PIP, or redness.

Cialis is excellent. Took 20 years off in a good way Smile

Appetite is up but I’m cutting and it’s always up anyways.

Customer service
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Customer service is on point. I had one shipping issue that was easily resolved. Communicated with the source both via email and PM. Both were responded to quickly and resolved my questions.

Shipping and Delivery
Average: 4 (1 vote)

Packed well. Actually had one oral bottle leak but the leak was completely contained by the packaging. Otherwise, timely delivery within stated estimated T/A. One delivery did not show and source replaced that delivery.

Price to performance
Additional comments

Prices are very fair and gear is doing what it should. No PIP. Appreciate all the source testing of products with posted results and GK has been very easy to work with. Also, just a good dude so I’ve found this to be an all around good source to do business with.

I recommend shopping here!
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  • Mac12769 » Nice to the point review.
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My overall experience

Getting pissed tbh never have a delivery date or shipping or even a tracking number this is my 4th order first 3 orders took over a month to come in which each time i ran out of tren and test and hgh and once again it's been over 25 fn days and hasn't arrived . So i made a smaller order and had to use intown guy for test to hold me over .The website is always closed down. Truthfully I just want my money back from this order or for yall to actually send my shit. I used to refer everyone to order from here . Shits fucking my cycles up and done with gorillaking after this one. Order #21087] (May 3, 2024)
Product Quantity Price
Arimidex 1mg 2 $40.00
Anadrol 50mg 1 $32.00
Bac Water 1 $16.00
Quick Bulk 200mg 1 $40.00
Tren E 200mg 2 $72.00

Products, effectiveness and results

Not impressed . Feel like somotropian is fake . Test is OK tren is borderline

Customer service

Fucking trash can't get ahold of noone

Shipping and Delivery

Takes forever and still haven't received my new order . Packing on last orders were amazing .

Price to performance
Additional comments
I recommend shopping here!
  • [SRC] Gorillakingz » Your order landed
  • [SRC] Gorillakingz » Never once did your orders take over a month to come In. Pm me for tracking
  • TommyTrenBrolone » Whats email to even message you bro. I've tried everything and have no clue how to send a encrypted email
  • Rosschestzip » How come all of us figured it out. Read the tip of the page . You must use an encrypted email address not send an e typed email. Since you can’t read I’ll spell it out for you . Make a proton.me email address and he can get your emails. If you didn’t use that then he never even saw your emails
  • [SRC] Gorillakingz » Your package lands Friday
  • TommyTrenBrolone » It's Saturday and my package is still not here ----‍♂️
  • Bmw0101 » Even with the right email he gets it and still don’t reply with the tracking lol
  • TommyTrenBrolone » Cause I always get sketched out spend over $1000 and I know for a fact I have had over 5 personal homies I know has been ordering thru you from me referring them to you. Got tired of paying 100 a bottle off the street so I decided to try you guys . 1st order was over $600 and took 4 weeks to come in. I have 10 plus people who throw in typically but I've been seeing how consistent GK would be and it takes for fucking ever. And always leaves me thinking I'm getting screwed out my money. I ran 4 month cycle of test e 250 2 ml a week tren 250e 2ml week and anadrol 50mg and had little gains at 3k calories a day . I got gyno in process and only gained 13 lbs . But when I ran Zyncall or however it's spelled same amount I had 23lb gain and was fucking shredded .
  • zx135799 » Sooooo…I’m on my tenth cycle. I should be up a good 230 pounds by the time this one is over, right? Weighing in at a solid 410-415. Shit man, I guess all my gear has been bunk. Stop typing. Start reading.
  • Rosschestzip » Your a clown, don’t trash someone’s business because you don’t know what your doing. How many cycles do you think you can run and gain 25 pounds? Your lucky that ever happened. And you only ate 3k calories while in 500mg of tren and got gyno. You shouldn’t even be using gear, you have no clue what your doing and are a liar. If I can read three sentences from you and already can tell you don’t know anything, that’s pretty bad. You need to put the training wheels back on and figure out what your doing wrong. Don’t trash another man’s business with lies,
  • Bmw0101 » Bette rod switch to pureanabolics bro .
  • TommyTrenBrolone » What's actual website
  • Bmw0101 » He’s pulling dcpharma move . Sale then dissapear lol
  • [SRC] Gorillakingz » Tracker sent to your yahoo account
  • [SRC] Gorillakingz » You emailed from a fuckin yahoo email your package is set to be delivered Friday
  • Rosschestzip » So is website is always down, you think the hgh is fake and the tren sucks ? But yet you always come back and recommend him to everyone? Weird so either your a liar about how much the gear sucks or you were lying when you recommended him to everyone, so either way, your a liar, cool.
  • wanted » Sounds like he buys 1 bottle every time he gets his allowance
  • Chad P » I understand you’re upset because delayed delivery. As far as previous cycles, why would you put yourself in a position to run out of your compounds? Isn’t it wise to stock up first, then start the gear? Also if the tren and test aren’t good why would you still purchase and not try a different source? I’m currently running both and I can tell you they are great quality.
  • testish » Use an encrypted email like proton He doesn’t ghost people
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My overall experience

Always 100% and prolly order over 20-30 orders but my may 2 and 7 order hasn’t arrive. Been waiting and tried to message and no response. Hopefully the sales ain’t a quick buck to dissapear

Products, effectiveness and results

May 2nd order 5 test c 1 Tren
May 7th 3 eq and 3 test e

Tested some products from previous purchase
and comes back good from using roidtest.

Customer service

Message few times no answer at all no reply regarding to my orders.

Shipping and Delivery

Always on time before the 20% discount and packaging is very descreet . Shipping about a week .

Price to performance
Additional comments

Price is decent for being 12ml. Shipping always on time before the sale. Most likely my last order from this source either I don’t get product or I ended up getting it. No communication and replied from this order at all.

I recommend shopping here!
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