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+ 3 UGFreak Promo Touchdown


UGFreak promo just hit my door. Was able to get into the holiday promo they had going on and scooped up 5 para pharma cut stacks! Thank UGFreak!

Ordered from: 
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Enjoy the gear bro, thanks for sharing!

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No thank you sir!

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I see ya. Never used cut stack before but nice.

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My pack just landed today as well, and I grabbed two of the CutStack myself

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how you plan on running this?

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Plan on titrating up to a ml/day for a total of 350mg/of each (obviously since it's a blend). Short cycle, run it for like 8 weeks. Then, imma drop it and switch over for 4 more weeks of an oral concoction I got my hands on. See how the pre cycle bloods look first. That's the plan though. I'm on a 2 month cruise ATM.

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Looks like there is some tren in there.

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Def is

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