Test Cypionate by Ultima Pharma

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Product Effectiveness
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I started using it at my prescribed trt dose and noticed absolutely no difference between it and my prescription that comes from the compounding pharmacy in terms of effects. I have just as much energy, sex drive as well as goal oriented drive between the 2. The only difference is that i need slightly less oil with the Ultima as it's 250mg vs 200mg from the pharmacy.

Product Credibility
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It is what it says it is and i've got the blood work to prove it. I chose this brand because of the recommendation of the vendor i was dealing with. I asked for if there was a preferred brand between 2 or 3 different brands they offered and this is the one they said was the most popular. I can understand why it's so popular now. Good price point and performs as you'd expect.

Side effects and PIP
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Absolutely no side effects or PIP from using this product.

Final Verdict
Average: 10 (1 vote)

Just a quick write up on my experience with Ultima Test C 250 I picked up from pmroids that i've been using for about 2 months now. I have been quite pleased with this product over all and would def recommend it to someone who was considering it.

Additional comments

I've since upped the dosage and added a couple other compounds i already had in my possession. Below i'll link to the pic of my bloodwork done after about 4 weeks running my typical 150mg/wk dose. In another few weeks i'll get some more bloodwork done to see how it performs at the higher dosage with the added compounds and will post something else up once I have the test results in hand.


I recommend this product!
  • Danlaroy » I'm a big fan of the Ultima brand as well. Its my go to brand. I have done blood work as well with the test e 250 and its definitely not underdosed. I've also used their anavar, decca, and masteron. All seem high quality.
  • Black90tsi » This is all I've tried from them so far. I do have a bit of mast I planned on adding in at a low dose sometime down the road.
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