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+ 18 Feelin’ this pump courtesy of OS


Nakon NPP (420mg/ week) + lower dose testosterone p (280mg/week) + 5iu HGH ED =

Up to 209lbs. Holding at around 8-9% BF based on calibration.

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perfect physique dude. like granite.

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King Kap solid as ever.

I took a scroll through your old pics and while you’ve always looked good, ( I mean that bro even your worst pics are not bad at all) that jump from 8 years ago pale side chest to the 7 month old abs thighs is just crazy. I wanted to ask you what’s the difference you’ve made, that has created such a different physique today?

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Thanks brother. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. Bodybuilding has been my passion, my refuge, and my therapy since I was 18. I live and breathe it. It’s been a constant part of my life. And I’m always learning. That’s what’s primarily responsible for my progress over the years. Just devotion to the craft. Always learning, always improving. I will say I have made huge strides over the last 12 months (May 2022 to now) i.e. 20+ lbs gain of lean skeletal tissue. And I owe that to the addition of HGH. Never used it before May of 2022 but have used it consistently since (5iu most of the time) and that has allowed me to make strides like I have never made before. HGH is a game changer. And nothing else has allowed me to grow into new dimensions like it. Doubling your anabolics won’t do what HGH can do. I’ve used the same, if not less, anabolics over the last 12 months as I ever have. Just the addition and consistent use of HGH has allowed me to add 20+ lbs of lean tissue to my frame while getting substantially leaner in the process. Consistency and HGH.

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FR sent

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Hey kap what time of day do you inject your hgh.
Ive heard many theories just would like your take on it

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I’ve always shot my HGH upon waking in the mornings. And I always shoot IM into deltoids.
I have tried mornings, before bed, post workout etc but I just like doing mine in the mornings. HGH Before bed makes me hungry from the BG drop and I end up getting out of bed to snack (I don’t fall asleep easily) so I don’t like doing it pre-bed. If going higher than 5iu I would split the dose mornings and post workout but I don’t think it matters that much when you do it. Just get it in. But, There’s evidence out there with graphs etc showing IM is superior to SubQ. ( higher, quicker peak) SubQ has a lower peak but is longer. IV is even more superior but I’m not that hardcore. Haha So, personally, I always shoot IM mornings preferred. Just how I do it and what works for me. But I don’t think it matters all too much.

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Kap we've chopped it up a few times already. I'm no bodybuilder but a powerlifter so I appreciate your perspective on certain things. Keep working hard. Definitely one of the better conditioned physiques I've seen on here so far.

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Man, you look like shit. Could you be any more of a slob, lol. Well I use OSgear too, but I've never used the Nakon Testosterone but after seeing you I will be 1000% trying their Test and Deca. Great work brother. Keep kickin ass and looking BAD ASS and summer ready.

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You are diced up man. Mighty big and lean & a real pleasing aesthetic. That’s impressive work my dude.

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Good physique for a natty ;)

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Looking great. Looks like you've been killing your legs. Your definitely improving from your last updates. Good work.

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Look great. How’s libido with the test lower than the nand?

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Horny AF. Libido is humming real nicely. No issue

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Nice work Good

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Come on man - don't you think its about time to put some effort in and get yourself in good shape?!! Lol - Phenomenal. I bet you are constantly getting stared at everywhere you go!

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Thanks Press. The goal for this phase is to get up to 215lbs (if I can) keeping the BF% in singles. And eh, depends on the outfit and how much skin I’m showing. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the attention & snapping necks. Hahaha

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Dabm !!!!! Very very impressive.
Only think missing is a red watch. Nice shirt what brand is that

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A red watch would certainly complete the Lewk. -- ..and I don’t remember, I think it’s a “no-name” brand tank I got off eBay from China years ago.

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Oh jeez veiny calves :-O You look fire bro, every picture of yours is insane

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Thanks bro. Crazy to see the differences from my personal shots from back in my early days of bodybuilding and being a member here 8 years ago. Those pics are embarrassing now -- But shows what 8 years of consistency can produce. Appreciate it G

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