Clenbuterol 40
Clenbuterol by Para Pharma

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Product Effectiveness
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Um, Yeah - EFFECTIVE would be an understatement.
There is nothing about the effects of clenbuterol i didn't get a full healthy portion of.
I shouldn't have combined it with other stimulants/pre-workouts - clen by itself is plenty, I would certainly recommend you remain vigilant about not taking it past mid-day, depending on when you usually crash - I work nights & generally take 2 four hour naps or 3 2.5 hr naps opr whatever - from the time i started on the clen - my sleep rhythm got fuucked up & was never good again until i had enough of it (i still have a little more than half the pkg left) & called it quits - this shit beat me the fuck up dude.

It's just strong strong shit man. Legit.

Product Credibility
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This package could have a picture of a Superman type character with a big "C" on his chest - because this shit is the Superman of Clens....
if it isn't, then anything stronger literally scares me to even consider - & I am about as well traveled in drug use & experimentation as anyone with a beating heart can be - YES, i'm lucky to still be here, yes I've sampled the strongest stimulants known to man - Literally crack cocaine is the only thing i have ever tried that ruffled my feathers more than this ( i thought my heart would explode from one little breath of that shit - ) Drugs are bad...mmk?

Credibility - off the charts.

Side effects and PIP
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Sides were mostly due to my inexperience & poor habits in using this.
| I didn't drink enough water, & should have fully eliminated other stims, along with not taking it with such a demanding work schedule leaving my sleep heavily impaired - which added to the sides i experienced from what i have read.

I'm also not a heavy human & already fairly lean - & tend to react to stimulants in a very strong way - so my experience is very much along the lines of what i should have expected. (incidentally, one of clens close relatives is an ingredient in many onhale4rs & i've found one or two puffs on an inhaler with Albuterol ( i think) & it seems to have the impact I had hoped for - something WAY more subtle.

CRAMPS (holy shit bad)
SLEEP FUCKERY - yeah watch the dose & the time
Eating regularity - don't miss a meal or this shit'll bite ya.
Drink so much water that you heel like a gardenhose. (no joke)

Final Verdict
Average: 10 (1 vote)

This was my 1st experience with Clen - & holy moses it was strong shit.
There was absolutely nothing not great about the product except for maybe the $ per mg, although based on what i see from other brands & labs - this seems to be a very fair value - especially considering the potency of it (fkn yowza)

Turns out - i just don't care for Clen. This shit is damn strong, & the fkn cramps in my feet & calves would wake me up in the middle of the night & leave me crawling & fkn WAILING on my way to try & down another liter or two of water on hopes it'll stop.

It makes me wonder - if my calves & feet hurt this bad cramping, what must menstral cramps be like - utter hell i bet.
)Great product & my sides were inline with standard issue clenbuteral side effects - not my bag tho)

I 100% recommend this product if you're a fan of clenbuteral. decent value, potent as all getout, quick efficacy & relatively lengthy half-life. If you're considering it, or are new to stimulants - i recommend doing a shit-ton of reading up on side effects & impact of taking it before you take the leap - I did & wasn't swayed - so I definitely deserved what I endured ;)

Additional comments

BUMMED i lost the pics I took of my UGFREAK order where i got this from - but i had just killed my onedrive from being overloaded & had a spinner hard drive where i archived my photos fail on me.
I lost so0me seriously important images -

Small black & red foil ziplock packet roughly 1.25 inches squared - with hologram branding & clear ParaPharma identity on both sides - with ingredient, qty & dose clearly marked.

I recommend this product!
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