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+ 5 Promo Freaky 77


7x Testo E250 PP
3x Decan 300 PP
1x Letrozole PP
1x Tbol PP
Crazy Promo
Thanks Freaky

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How do you dose that letro?

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For 500mg test i use 1/4 letro every two days

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I'd maybe reconsider the quarter tab of letro. They normally come as 2.5mg tabs, a quarter of one of those would probably be OK, however these are 5mg tabs and 1.25mg every 2 days seems a bit high.
I'd probably start very low and see how you find it, if you get regular bloods even better, you'll be able to really dial it in.
If you are comfortable and experienced with them then ignore this, just a suggestion is all this is bro.
I used 2.5mg letro tabs about 8 years ago for gyno cure, they are very strong and did the job, strange tho haven't had even a sensitive nip since and very rarely use any type of ai at all nowadays.

Enjoy your cycle,

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You right . I feel good with this dose .

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Wow, let know how everything goes!
Nice pick

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Awesome picture brother! Our pleasure. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!

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Nice pick up. Let us know how that tbol turns out.

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Already tried. 30 minutes before workout 20mg. I like it . Very mild and not as aggressive as dbol. Excellent pump. This is my first time trying Tbol and this is what I wanted.