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Got Test C, NPP, and some other goodies. Thanks for your generous promo.

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Our pleasure brother. Thank you for posting. Enjoy the gear!

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You're gonna love that npp brother, enjoy!

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My joints need it bud.

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It will work wonders brother!

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Curious why you like freaks npp?

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1st it's 150mg /ML
2 it is properly dosed
3 it's pip free
4 it's cheap as chips!

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I ask because I got some npp thats US domestic and it wasn't the same as this popular international brand that I always stuck with. The US domestic was more watery and didn't have that flexible, pain relieving effect that I was used to. Some stuff just isn't always the same.

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All boils down to the quality of Raws used in the manufacturing process. I have 100mg NPP amps that hit harder than 150mg and truly works magic 1amp EOD...

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I have the Batch that was tested at 183mg/ml from a few years back, they have a tonne of it in the UK warehouse that never seems to run out! lol Ya don't see press complaining about overdosed gear!!! LMFAO Biggrin

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Damn that shit was strong!!

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The Freak is as solid as it gets.

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Yes sir

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Yes indeed, couldn't agree more.