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+ 1 Cycle II: T and Var - 1 month in with labs, with some edits


One month of results:
Lean mass gain: 5.2 lbs
Fat mass lost: 3.3 lbs
Bf% change: -1.7 percentage points

Tests with around 340mg/week pharm grade test.

Okay, I'm one month in on my present cycle. I was happy with the results last time, and my ultimate goal is shedding body fat, but I'll take muscle gain, too. I have also attached labs and graphs of my progress. I put down 12 weeks, but not sure if I'll run it that long or only 10 weeks.

Just to let you all know, I started in the gym April 2022. I started taking AAS mid-October of that year, and you can definitely see a lot better progress after the fact.

I'd like to get into the 15% bf arena, and my original goal was to do that by summer, but I don't think that will happen. Sub 20% by summer, according to the machine, is what I changed my goal to.

I think my labs overall are good. Bad cholesterol is a bit high, same with iron, but everything looks pretty well in order imo.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you a lot!

Edit: Var for 8 weeks. Next time I'll start about 2 weeks in.
Edit 2: stopping var. Considering different techniques for attack.

Week/ProductTestosterone CAnavarGW-501516SR-9011NPP
1 (March 16)340mg/wk40mg/day10mg/day0140mg/wk
4 (April 18)340mg/wk40mg/day20mg/day20mg/day140mg/wk
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You got a lot of flak because you're BF% I'm glad you didn't take umbrage and behave like a fool as some have done on here. From me and I was going to PM you this but felt it was warranted here. You are doing low level-ish test and going to experiment with Var. Keep a BP cuff of some sort and deff monitor it. Other than that, do you brother. You seem like you are doing things as responsibly as you need. Let us know if you keel over though LOL.

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Like haunt you after I die?? Lol jk. Thank you. After talking to some people and considering things, I think I'm done with the var. I ran it for a month anyway - focus on really strict diet. I'll still do the t, as I like the results, but I'm thinking no rush and go through all my anavar for the lulz. I bet I can get my bf% to a respectable level pretty quickly if I do this for like 2 months. I think I'm going to actually to some serious planning on this....

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Man, a few months back guys told you diet before gear. I'm just throwing my 2 piece in. This is what I tell everyone I've trained. Set a goal and cut that in half. Now that's your new goal. Majority fail at their goal, it's the reality of it. Be realistic about it too. Gear isn't the magic button. Without getting the basics down naturally you'll fail on gear. Gear can also make you fat if used improperly. Just trying to help you out.

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Is there something bad about the labs? I feel I'm getting a lot of flak, but I'm achieving my goals. Labs were taken just the other day - 4 weeks currently in with my anavar. It's a very effective fat loss tool I've used. Honestly, I feel that my diet isn't completely and utter shit, and I'm definitely putting the work in.

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I'm not trying to give you flak. It's just you started lifting and hopped on gear 6 months later. Ultimately you're in control of your life and nothing I nor anyone else can change your mind. We're all just strangers to one another but we're here to give the best advice possible. Generally what's best for anyone is to hit your natural potential first. Which can take years. I won't say a minimum because honestly it's person to person. 3.3 lbs of fat is good but it isn't spectacular. I've gotten people down with diet and training 15-20lbs, sometimes more in a month. But they were also super strict, as you have to be. I applaud you on your achievements so far, don't get me wrong. It's just hopping on a bunch of shit and seeing minimal results from what I'm looking at, something is off here. Again, we're here to help.

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Okay, thank you for explaining it to me better like that. So yes, I hopped on gear 6 months after I started lifting, but I'm not a stranger to the gym. I worked out a lot when I was in prison and for a few years after I got out. I had a very good diet and took care of myself there for a bit. I felt like I was close to my natural potential. Then took off for a few years with alcohol abuse, now back at it with gear, because when it boils down to it, it does get results faster - and that's the honest to god truth. At the same time, I don't want to completely jeopardize my health.

I do appreciate the best advice. I suppose I just like the results I'm getting with what I'm doing - but I do agree I could better optimize my results with better diet. Point taken. Overall, I like the way I feel with testosterone, and I'm trying to keep an eye on my health - that is part of the reason I decided to get into shape.

I was getting discouraged when I was losing so much muscle while losing fat, and I felt like my gym time was getting voided out. I also remember how tired I felt all the time. My t levels weren't clinically low - but I definitely felt more of a drain on my body.

I've also been entertaining completely getting off testosterone when I get into the 15% ish body fat because I think I know I can maintain that.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Part of the reason I post here is to get feedback so I know I'm not going completely off the rails with craziness.

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'now back at it with gear, because when it boils down to it, it does get results faster' - Yep, this is the attitude everyone takes nowadays. This is why gyms are no longer full of seasoned lifters on gear, instead its the guys that signed up last month.

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Bad cycle, bad base and bad diet.

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SMH Diet, diet, diet, not steroids, steroids, steroids.

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Is my diet that bad? I though my blood work is doing pretty well and my progress

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Diet is how you lose fat, not steroids. You are in no condition to be using steroids right now. Totally unneeded.

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I agree that diet is the key to losing fat. Testosterone and diet works even better, right? I feel so much better now than I used to. Is it that I'm addicted to testosterone now? I feel like I'm getting better and better control of my entire body - I can move around and do things so much easier. It's a quality of life increase for me.

I've had twice as much progress or more in the same time on losing weight, and I feel energized and ready to workout.

Are my tests out of wack? I feel great, and I've weight the risks/benefits and feel I'm mitigating the risks as much as I can. I try to monitor myself pretty regularly. Maybe I'm addicted to it, but I'd rather not be fat.

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TRT is one thing if you need it. Do you?
You are falling into the trap that you need steroids. You underestimate the power of training and diet especially at higher bodyfat levels.

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Okay, I can definitely reduce the length of var. Through my own research, and anecdotally, I've found the var helps me shed fat - but so I understand your recommendation: start the var later on next time, or are you referring to starting it with lower bf? I am glad I don't go too high on the T. I like the var for the collagen synthesis (I believe it does this as well, prescribed for burn patients - among others).

Typo on NPP - will be to finish

Last cycle finished early Jan (about 10 weeks between cycle, with clear bloods between).

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I'll look into this. Thanks for all of your insight. I know I'm not always perfect, but I try to do things in a smart safe, conservative manner. I do take your recommendations into account - in addition to a few others'.

Something about var I really like. I feel like I'm a bit of an anavar whore. Need to get some more bloods in a few weeks. I did PrivateMD with these but jfc, I went in twice (after fasting) because the first time I was told my lab doesn't take PrivateMD on Fridays (this wasn't printed anywhere), and the second time I was told my lab no longer took samples from PrivateMD because they did t pay. Then I go back to PrivateMD folks and have to change the lab to another collection place, and pay a difference of like $50. These labs would've been over $300 at lab number 2. It was a $180 (originally paid like $130). I think I'll need to find another place to get cost effective labs.

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Check that link above ....very informative writeup regarding bloods and various places to go.

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Not too bad with what you have going there. Capped Test so that kinda sucks. Thanks for posting the bloodwork and progress. +1
Edit-Missed the Var going way too long and soon.

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Okay, hooker mentioned the same. Next time then: wait a few weeks for the var and keep it at like 8 weeks?

The labs were a major pain in the ass. I won't go into specifics, but some technicalities managed to mess me over, and I had to pay an additional $50, and the test changed to cap. I didn't think 300ish/wk is absurdly high.

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Ok bro, I know your catching a lot of flak right now because the approach you are taking is well intended, but as viewed by most here, not the right time. But I also see you have put a shit ton of work into yourself so far and that's pure self motivation. I have a crap load of farm stuff to do today, but I can PM you with some thoughts later if you want to hear it on your progress.

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Yes, sure I would like that. There are a few opinions, but the fact is the testosterone has PROVEN to help with fat loss while retaining muscle. I don't feel I'm doing crazy compounds, nor do I want to, like tren.

I just don't see what I'm doing wrong at a conservative rate. I'm losing primarily body fat while gaining muscle. Before AAS I was losing both, and didn't enjoy the gym nearly as much. I have the energy to power through my workouts.

Overall, I do want to be healthy, so I appreciate any words of help. When people tell me shit cycle, or you're doing it wrong, I'm curious what the right way is. The labs are also 4 wks into my current cycle - I don't think they're that bad considering the var and GW combo.

I suppose what it boils down to is I don't mind constructive criticism, and I also want to apply harm reduction. I'm enjoying using testosterone, and as long as my health is still doing well and I have proper oversight, I sort of want to continue it.

Me being fat was due 100% of me drinking. Outside of my being a drunk fatass, I actually have fairly good eating and training habits - hence I cannot drink again.

Thanks for your words and any advice.

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I get it bro, don't be discouraged, keep up the diet and exercise program that's working for you. PM sent.