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EU-based: 8-21 days; US Domestic 5-7 days; International: up to 30-40 days. Free reshipping in case of seizures.

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No minimum

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Get Big or Die Trying!
Pharmacom has become a world-renowned pharmaceutical lab, providing the highest-grade anabolic steroids on the market. Everything we produce is tested in raw form prior to production and then again by independent analytical lab testing once the product has been produced. We do this to ensure our products are of high quality, warranting us longevity in the business and a loyal customer base.

Pharmacom, has now opened a store, giving the public direct access to all of its products right from the factory.
Purchasing direct now means a much lower cost than going through one of the many resellers of Pharmacom.
For more information please take a look at our website

Our website:


**Introduction & Sneak Peak Into Our Facility, Production Process video

We have currently following discounts in our store:
Life-time discounts from 5 to 15% - we provide them for competing athletes, militaries, also sometimes in different contests. In this month, by the way, we will provide 3 x even 20% discounts for 3 persons who place biggest orders within the promo currently running.

Loyalty discounts from 5% to 15%. You get them automatically:
5% after 3 orders placed
10% after 6 orders placed
15% after 10 orders placed.

This is valid for now, but soon, in autumn we are going to raise the limits:
5% after 5 orders placed
10% after 10 orders
15% after 15 orders

New limits will touch only new customers. If you already have this type of the discount, say 5% at least, it will not touch you. And you still will be able to get the 15% discount after 10 orders placed even if you do this after new limits come into force.

5% off for bitcoin payments.

Big order discounts - 5% for orders over 500$ (before shipping) and 10% for orders over 1000$. Free shipping for orders over 1000$.

You can use your personal link from the the Referrals section in your personal account to invite your friends or just new customers. You automatically get a reward to your balance - 5% from the total value of all of the orders ever placed by your referrals. No limits here. We have customers who get big orders monthly and does not pay for it at all.

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How should I order to the UK? W3 is always out of stock.'s picture

Hello! Replied to PM's picture

PHARMA TREN E200: Trenbolone Enanthate 200 from Pharmacom Labs

Analytic testing performed by Janoshik.


1. Qualitative analysis: the sample contains the active ingredient: Trenbolone Enanthate.
2. Quantitative analysis showed the content of active ingredient: 192.28 mg/mL.

Analysis conducted: 03 March 2023's picture

Hi there!
We will be doing tests now on a regular basis, so expect the next results in the coming months!

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Hello I've had an ongoing payment issue for several months now, I've contacted support several times and after literally dozens of emails back and forth my issue is still not resolved,

It's a really simple issue but yet every time I speak to support it seems like it's a different person every time that doesn't understand the problem and I feel like I'm going around in circles with the issue remaining unresolved,

Can you please put me in touch with someone that can resolve my payment issue? Thanks.

DOOMSDAY's picture

Update - - problem resolved thanks

Gman494949's picture

Same as ,every balance refill I try is cancelled and not one person has said what I’m doing wrong and no reply’s to email now.

DOOMSDAY's picture

That's literally what I'm trying to do --

I've sent the payment for the balance refill, they received the payment but then it's marked as cancelled, and after months of speaking to support and dozens of emails, I'm still at square one. Nothing resolved.

I'm not sure why the balance refill is so difficult.'s picture

Hello guys! We answer every email and take care of any payment problems! Please send me PM with your order number and email address and I'll check!

Gman494949's picture

Exactly,I had no problems when I sent over bitcoins to place an order .I won’t do this again with them again I’ll use a different source it’s to hard for something so simple's picture

Hello guys! We answer every email and take care of any payment problems! Please send me PM with your order number and email address and I'll check!

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Order in. And paid. Man I hope this goes through. I don’t want another seized pack from you guys. I’m like 70/30 70% seized

Rosschestzip's picture

No disrespect but can I ask why you keep ordering from them if they all get seized? There's 100 good sources to use so there must be a reason you like them so much to risk not getting anything, I mean I know there packaging is cool lol but not worth losing 70% of your packs. Also do you know why there's would get seized more then another sources?

Bill1976's picture

Because I haven’t ordered from them in three years. This is my very last cycle I’m running and I always got the best results with them.

Bill1976's picture

When I run the boldenone I’ll let you guys ,the community, know about the quality.

Bill1976's picture

I really really want to order from wh1 for the 300$ deal Frank you have the best gear I ever had. Ever. I’m just worried about it getting seized. Any changes in delivery?

Bill1976's picture

My last pack that I ordered just over a month ago landed in 18 days and it was all there. Discreet. So they have really upped their game in shipping. Look at my pics and see the last pack that I got. I was big and still made it.

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I am also from your neck of the country and I just received my order from these guys after approximately 8 days with no issues. I think they have a smart shipping process because of the location it’s sent from once it reaches the states. I have never had an issue with this method. Of course there are always risks, but my personal experience has never been jilted.

Bill1976's picture

Hey thanks dude. And Frank I’ll order tomorrow night. Gonna go with your boldenone. I’ll review when done.'s picture

What country are you from? We now have a well-established safe delivery service, and the seizure rate of all orders to date is 5%. We deliver to the States with almost no problems.

Bill1976's picture

Ok I’m gonna try again. I hope it gets through.

Bill1976's picture

Northeastern US

Bill1976's picture

Frank, thanks for the honest lab results. I wanted to know if it was bad raws on the boldenone or a mistake in production. Like not putting the right amount in the oil. Haven’t used pharmacom in three years and wondering if it’s the same quality. My last cycle is going to be Eq and wanted to be a great one's picture

Hello! We have already fixed this problem - we have taken out the problematic batch and the new batches of Bold will be great!

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Did you also pull that batch of Nandrolone Decanoate that tested pretty low?

Bill1976's picture

I’m surprised he out of the results when they were j derdosed. He could have said fuck that. I’m going to buy. I’ll review it. The only thing I’m worried about it seizure

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And Primobolan.'s picture

About primobolan we have perfect results, we have already posted them here!

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