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+ 3 Beligas from Osgear


Osgear order, T/A was approximately 2 weeks.
Beligas- TestC x 2, Dbol x 2, Nova x1, Viagra x 1.

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I can't wait to try some Beligas Testosterone. They are BY FAR the most professional looking boxes/packaging that I have ever seen. They look they closest to by script Test by Watson or UpJohn that I have seen.

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Beligas from Belgium. Very professional product presentation and loved their TestP. Considered Veterinary grade at best though since they manufacture EQ and TrenAce. I have some Primo200 from them as well for future use. They offer product authenticator codes on side of boxes which is a big plus. Their TestP is hella potent and pip free surprisingly. +1

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I didn't know they carried 200mg primo. Do you know what carrier oil they use?

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MCT oil. Yea they just recently brought out the 200mg Primo, about/around the same time they launched PrimoAce tabs. Loved their primo100 too, but these days the 100s i tend to shy away from due to too much oil volume per inject. I'd stick stick with pharma primo if I personally had to use only 100s. 200s for the win for sure, or a mixture of pharma100 with some 200mg with it

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I’ve never tried primo in my life bro, but I would like to get on it, for a first timer on primo what dose would you think be ok

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Well I am an animal so. Lol

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There it is then lol perfect fit. Beligas seems to be on point though, pretty sure you will be happy with em. Haven't tried any orals of theirs, but am eyeing the PrimoAce tabs, might come in handy to supplement alongside a lengthy primo run and get the cycle going much faster since the primo injects take so long to hit.

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I've haven't tried Primo yet, I've got some that I'm looking to do a cycle with this summer. I was going to try it a few years back from a source that I think only sold Primo but he went private then left totally for some reason.

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Nothing touches primo in terms of overall best feeling while being on cycle. Primo is a slow start, but once it gets is unmatched. Plus the gains made on cycle tend to stay with you for the long haul. Clean gains. Almost as if it creates new tissue growth, dense hard muscle fibers. It is expensive for a reason, like Anavar.

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Great pic! Enjoy the products!