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Haven’t updated my progress in a long time so I figured I would. My posing sucks I know, my shoulders are trash, my right one hurts like crazy all the time. I tore my left bicep last year as you can see it’s a little smaller but it seems to be responding now. So far I’m happy with how this cycle is going, I’m holding some water from the GH and Ment but it’s all good. I don’t mind it, I prefer the roundness like Jay Cutler had back in the day.

My diet is very strict, 330 protein, 250 carbs, 60-75 fat, 1300ish sodium. I’m holding here for now, until winter where I’ll add more carbs.

500 mg Test E
50mg ed Ment
50mg ed Anavar
660mg Masteron E
2 ius GH
12.5 mg Aromasin eod

I’m experimenting Masteron with Ment because of the
estrogen reducing properties Mast provides, plus my diet is very clean so bloat from the Ment should be low…should be lol. I’ve got 5 weeks left of this cycle before I go back to TRT dose.

I’m 5’7” weighing about 208 currently

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you look big man +1

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Thank you bud

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Looking Big mate - Did you have to get surgery on the bicep or did it stay on the bone?

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It healed on its own thank god, I was doing one arm preacher curl with 35lb dumbbells and I felt my bicep pop. I dropped the dumbbell and looked down fully expecting to see it completely let go but it wasn’t. I couldn’t flex it for weeks, I lost almost an inch of size on it but it’s coming back bigger than ever so I’m thankful.

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Fack man - remember when we all did those as youngsters and never ever thought about a bicep tear while doing them, it was all about getting maximum stretch. Now I just cringe at the thought, especially after seeing a guy doing a 135 barbell and at the bottom BOTH of his biceps go and roll up to the top!! Ouch. I did my left one doing dumbell rows and stupidly turning my hand outwards at the bottom - let out a massive crack and rolled up. It didn't come off but same, lost about an inch in length.

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Holy shit that’s crazy. Yeah I’ve seen several guys completely roll their biceps, game over bitches lol. I definitely learned my lesson and don’t go over 30 lbs now. People look at me like I’m crazy only curling 25 lb dumbbells and I’m like y’all can hurt yourselves if you want to but I’m sticking to low weight high reps

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Some nice mass Good

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Thank you brother.

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We’re going streaking through the quad to the gymnasium!!

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Mine ain’t going nowhere lol

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Solid keep it up is that the ment you're running

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No half naked girls? I’m slightly disappointed Rusty. LMAO

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Looking good big fella!

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Thank you brother

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Cuz, i wouldn't even know how to pose. No one should judge you on posing here like its the IFBB lol. Great work, great look +1

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Thanks lol. My shoulder was killing me in this pic so that’s why I’m leaning and and not proportionate. I knew somebody would fuck with me about the half ass pose lol.

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I warm up every body part before I lift as well, I used to not and look where that got me. Plus my tours in Iraq carrying all that weight didn’t help either. I cycle Deca off and on throughout the year which we all know works wonders but it’s a bandaid and can really damage your previous injuries further if you aren’t careful. Thanks for the info I’ll check it out.

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Looking great!

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Thanks,I appreciate it.