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4 test e
4 test c
2 cialias
1 tren
1 tne
1 var
1 eq
1 viagra for free

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All day lol

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Good shit there, nice order brotha.

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Can’t go wrong with 87!

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87s test c is top shelf. Ive been running it for trt. As is that tne. Enjoy my man.
Let us know how that tren hits. I've got a couple vials in the stash that I'm planning to tear into on my next run.

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Ohh bro his tren is as good as it gets doesn’t seem overdosed been using it for 2 weeks now at 300mg.

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Thats a nice haul! The viagra is gucci! Please let us know how you like the cialis.

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I will keep you posted for sure I’ll be taking 10mg pre workout tomorrow. The viagra was a freebie glad to know it’s good! 100mg is way for strong I’ll definitely split that when the wife wants to do a marathon lol.

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enjoy it bro

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Always with 87!

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You planning on having a Gang Bang over the weekend mate??! Lmao - Can I come?

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Lmfao some of this is for a buddy but one cialis is mine and 87 just tossed in the viagra!

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Nice power pack for on and off the field lol.

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Lmao ohh yeah

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Nice pick up bro

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Saw your pick primo pick up the other day now those were nice!