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+ 4 My GoTo NPP for joint pains


I’ve never run a true NPP cycle, but this Roid+ NPP has been my GoTo for a few years now for joint pains from running Winstrol a lot.. This stuff always does the trick for me right away. I’ll pin 50mil twice per week for two weeks, and by the end of the second week, my pain is gone for a couple of a month or two. I also get pretty strong those weeks. So tempting to just run it hard, but I get bloated so easy, that I always choose not to. I really love the small bottles, they are very convenient.

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Love Roid+, those 5ml vials are legit.

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Npp deca masks injuriui es at jiints so listen to your body. As far as winny npp...yes, keeps em happy

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Nothing seems to work for my joints anymore nowadays except lighter weights

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Just get some Dbol tabs in ya Mak - they work great on filling joints with water lol