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+ 1 Another bust...more tax dollars wasted.


Few months old, but interesting nevertheless. This happens and meanwhile...fentanyl is constantly being imported and continues to flood streets across the nation. Yet the govt focuses on this...supplier of gear, the least addictive drug which enhances an individual's well being. They had to include the 1 firearm seized lol. Strengthens their case, for all they know it was purchased legally and permits acquired, but it makes them look good. Bollocks.

Curious if anyone recognizes the labeling/UGL.Heard through the grapevine who the UGL is, (colonial)supposedly had thousands of customers and went down due to shipper's error. Live and learn, but straight bollocks and govt should be focusing on the real drugs that harm and kill individuals.

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Oh colonial, yeah that's the site where you could choose if you wanted your oils in MCT or GSO. Don't see many sites that give you an option like that.

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It was colonial labs. Used them many times. Was another sad day when it happened. Some of the best DHB ever made Lol

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were they active here?
if there wasn't extremely vial shit and heinous acts actually happening without any persecution, maybe I'd understand more. I get what we do is illegal and we are all subject to punishment if caught but there are real fucking criminals out there hurting people, hurting kids and they are allowed to continue walking free daily. This is not a just world we live in.

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Not here and yes I agree 100% with you man. Much bigger fish to fry out there, but they allocate resources and money on going after AAS. Sideways AF

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They were not a source on eroids.

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You are correct as usual bro. A buddy gave me some of that DHB and I initially thought it was fake cause of no PIP lol. About 7 weeks later I saw him and changed my mind. They were real. He bought like 5k worth of test, DHB and mast from colonial before this happened. He still has a nice stock left. Never heard of colonial till he mentioned him and gave me few vials to try.

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Everything was pip free, even his high mg stuff. 400mg mast e, 400mg tren, 200mg primo, some nice high mg blends smooth as butter. Janos of everything also.

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PIP free DHB...damn it!!!

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The friend I spoke of earlier kept praising that. He mentioned more times than I can count, PIP free with all compounds. I have like 5 vials of that mast400 never tried due to PIP I foreshadowed lol nice to know it's smooth. I'm a Masteron fanatic and always have some of it in my runs. A little goes a long way, 50mg mastP EOD for me, no need for AI on as much as 750 test/week. I prefer not to use AI as much as possible, but if bloods dictate it I keep plenty stashed