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+ 1 Hgh progress


I know it’s not full body but I’m really happy with my back progress so I figured post it.
Somastim 5 iu ish
Dragon Pharma Proviron 75 mg daily
Abru Ibrahim test E 750 mg a week

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looking hard! how has the hgh treated you at 5iu/d? would you say it’s added a substantial amount of muscle to your physique?

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Lookin diced up brother …good work !!

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Yea so I stayed on the hgh. Which I’m gonna run for about a year. And like u said took a couple weeks off and switched AAS. So I like to run cycles for about 9 months to a year and then jump off for about 6 months. It’s worked well as far as keeping gains go.

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whats your timing with hgh?

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