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Just for Today: Through regular prayer and meditation, I will discover what emotional balance means to me.
I spent 90 minutes in a float tank on Tuesday to heal my body, Pray, and meditate. I can not say I have balance in my life. I can say I am a lot better at handling emotional challenges in my today.
I went to a meeting Tuesday night to celebrate a sponsee brother. My sponsor, best one in the whole world, gave my bro a 3 year medallion. They both carry a really strong message of experience, strength, and hope. Wednesday night I chair our sub-committee phone helpline for Saint Louis Mo area. We handled 200 calls in August. Thursday night, drove about 60 miles(100K)@way to attend another bro get his 4 year medallion=another great share. Both times, the meetings never mentioned the substances, just the disease and what Recovery is like. The man who had 3 years and the man who had 4 years both had a lot to be grateful for, especially careers, romance, and finances. Some people, like me, don't recover our financial success, never found a mate, but I have found a way to be happy, joyous, and free on little money by myself. My income is down in '22 and costs are dramatically higher. If inflation were only 10% I wouldn't even notice it. It is frustrating to me how few people in my life are unaware of how many lies, half truths, and failed to mention= USA media tells everyday.
My workouts are going in the right direction, some days I am stronger than others. Some days at like 30 minutes I lose my concentration and leave. Today, I am stuck at home waiting for a new refrigerator. The old one quit. It was only 3 years old, the new fridge cost ($950) 150% more than in '19($600) same store, same size, same brand plus no automatic ice maker. Good thing my credit score is healthy today thanks to perseverance and sobriety. It sucked this week not having a refrigerator. (delivery took 7 days) This USA economy sucks for me. I should cancel Thanksgiving weekend plans in Fort Lauderdale Fl. My finances and my health are my responsibility today. They were mine in active addiction too, I just didn't care. My HIV blood work is healthy too. Recovery life is better, just not better than last 5 years, important pieces of my life are moving in the wrong direction.
Thanks for reading this. Auto

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Hey brothers!!! Hope all is well!! Haven’t been on much but sending you all good karma. Keep pushing and keep fighting Auto. You got this

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I join and wish the brothers all the best and good!

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Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing your situation with us. Everything will be fine and you are already creating your new life and it will be better than before.

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not sure if this is allowed or not but what the hell, Im in branson if your ever this way hit me up for a meeting.

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Glade your making progress bro. stay strong! Great reminder for me too on prayer and meditation.....emotional balance ohhhhh shitttttt, I need more of that. I have been praying but feel like I rush through it, and haven't had any meditation time in awhile. Life has been busy and I feel like I've been tossed around like a bag of dog food, was reading the other night and reminded that our problems are of our own making fuuukkk that hit me hard cause all the shit Im going through is bc of me.... Glade to hear your managing you HIV stuff well. I got hep c while in active addiction so makes donating impossible when i need to get rid of a pint. Thank God I have a nurse friend to drain me when i need. Thats kick ass on the sponsees too man, gotta give ot away to keep it.

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Very Glad to hear your bloodwork is healthy mate Good Unfortunately the state of the economy and rising prices in pretty much everything is awful all over the world bud - My monthly electric bill is due to double in 2 weeks time and thats without putting any heating on yet, I'm dreading it. I'm a little worried about what you said at the end though, PM me if there is anything you want to talk about Auto.

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Now it’s not easy for everyone with the situation in the world, but I’m sure we can handle each of us and we are together. This group and the people in it always support each other.