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+ 4 Our bun is getting bigger and bigger :)

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Haven't posted my girl in a while. The bun is growing and continues to delight us with its warmth and the sea of goodness and warmth.

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Brilliant pictures Wookie!! These brought tears of joy to my eyes - she's brilliant. What's the plan then - Is she staying Natty for the time being or going in big for the off season??! hahaha

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Yes, she is a treasure. When she is two years old, I plan to exercise her physically, to hire a coach for her. Will her physical training and to protect us. She is a very radiant lady. We are told she will grow a lot in width when the muscles are formed. How will a powerlifter :).

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Was she a rescue dog from the shelter buddy?

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No. my wife has a friend who breeds this breed and we somehow came to him and I couldn’t leave without her when we saw her as a puppy. Love at first sight Smile

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I wish my head was so big I would get jacked just carrying it but I guess I have bad genetics I wish someone ugenenicsed me into the human version of a pit then I'd finally get girls

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I envy my dog's genetics for my muscle to grow like hers. I work out in the gym and not grow so much. Smile

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Literally a smile from ear to ear.
She adores whoever is taking the pictures of her.

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Yes, she is a direct ray of light in our house, she loves us very much and we are already like a child with her.