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Dealing with Blue balls


Long story short I was supposed to have an uninterrupted few months to train, eat, and get big. Bunch of turnover at work has me picking up slack (but base pay will be time and a half, plus overtime, plus hazard) for the next 4 weeks, beginning in 2 weeks.

Issue is i started taking test e (500mg/wk) and primo (400mg/wk) last week. Next injection is supposed to be tomorrow. I wont be training outside maybe some bw stuff during my 4 week work blast (no gym/weights on site) So i don't feel continuing is worth it.

Im looking for advice on how to safely progress. Both are long acting esters so i feel levels havent built up in my system. Have everything on hand for a smart PCT(aromasin, hcg, clomid&nolva) but looking for advice on what steps to take. Appreciate it.

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With only being 1 week in, I would stop the cycle. Both take awhile to reach peak levels. Its best to just stop and start again when you know you can train/eat consistently.

You dont need to PCT but if you want to you can. Id recommend clomid and nolva for 1-2 weeks. Again, i think PCT is not required here

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IDK. If I werent able to use a gym while on cycle then Id cancel the cycle and just cruise on test if you are a cruising type of guy.

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Get the full set in the bag of Bodylastics. You'll be amazed at the amount of resistance you can create.

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Yes it is amazing. I am agree with you

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Cancel cycle. How many weeks in for pct?

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I've done 2 injections (2 x 200mg primo and 250mg test e) in the 1st week. My next injection of 200 snd 250 is supposed to be tomorrow.

I dont think ive done enough to warrant a full blown pct (2 weeks of hcg, then 2 wks aro with 4wks clo and nolva) but what do you think is a better option than cold turkey? In 2-3 weeks

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2 almost not pct.....or at most in 2 weeks just a week of 1 tab clomid. Id doubt that lil bit would be ahard shutdown. If you were in 4 weeks then low dose clomid and nolva.

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Yea no PcT

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Appreciate the help and insights. I'm gonna sleep on it

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I don't know what blue balls has to do with this lol

You can always do push-ups, chair dips, standing calf raises, body wieght workouts.

If I was you having already pinned gear starting a cycle I would just keep the dosage low and cylcle duration short. Maybe drop the dosages a little. Because I would not want to go thro some PCT and feel weak or off while working hard the next 4 weeks. It's just 4 weeks starting in 2 weeks, if you cycle for 12 weeks then that's only the first half of your cycle. You finish the second half strong in the gym. Also it's gonna take weeks for that gear to reach peak stable levels.

I would run the cycle.
Work the job, do some body wieght excersizes when you can, get paid for work, make some gains, workout more when you get the free time off work and make more gains.

Life ain't all rainbows and blow jobs. You ain't been dealt the worst hand here. It's not a royal flush but it's still a decent hand, I say play it.

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Haha blue balls was starting the cycle then think i had to stop.

I appreciate the advice and you taking the time. Thats a solid option for sure. I have sanitary concerns (oil rig) but may just need to be more proactive.

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Single use alchol wipes brother, I use a lot of them. Btw every guy I know that stabs pipe runs gear. It's a tough job.

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