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+ 1 R.i.p Jerry ward


Rx muscle just posted the passing of Jerry Ward. Definitely shocked by this one.

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Hee seemed like a really nice guy too.

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Now this is a post that people should be on saying someone important in our lifestyle has died Jerry Ward has easily probably forgot more than half the people on here know. I'm glad to say I knew him and we were from the same area originally. People die all the time and pets get demonized if people know that you use them at all. But here's the thing a young kid up the street from me died last week from a brain aneurysm healthy didn't drink didn't smoke didn't do drugs just got married drop dead in the store. He was 23. When your ticket gets pulled it gets pulled. All that's left then is your legacy and who you were as a person, what impact you made ,was it good, was it bad ,did you contribute, or did you just steal oxygen. Jerry was a good dude definitely looked out for a lot of people and he didn't sugarcoat things he didn't hide things. And he'll be greatly missed that's for damn sure.

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How have you been doing buddy - I haven't seen you on here in years? Smile

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Just staying above ground, playing this game called life.

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Probably will have nothing to do with anabolics of any sort. Society is just quick to blame them.

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Idk, Dave Palumbo did a video saying his doctor friend stated that rib pain is something with a pulmonary embolism vs heart related. He had covid bad three times and my first thought was covid side effects.

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Sounds more like a embolism. He did shit back in the day but was healthier now.

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Been watching his videos for years. Definitely was a shock for me. Really liked Jerry. No bs bloke.

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everyone is dying before 50...

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Yeah but this one is a shocker. He was just doing trt.

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He must of run some heavy gear in the past I guess. I've just seen the Rx muscle video too and it said he had been complaining of chest pain all week in his left hand side ribcage area, but didn't go and get it checked out. Yet again a huge reminder just like what happened to Kali that if you experience any chest pain increasing over time especially in the left hand side to go to ER and get it investigated. This was obv due to some kind of plaque/calcium build up that could have possibly been sorted out if he went and got checked out.

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He's also a recovered opioid addict and I'm pretty sure during part of his addiction he was on anabolics as well which probably hasn't been great for his overall health.

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Yeah I agree but his wife was a heart surgeon tech and he spoke on taking care of your heart etc so this one's got me confused af.