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Cycle Help


Hey everyone! I’m throwing this one out there because I had some questions on this. I have combed through many articles and posts but some personal feedback would be helpful.
1. What is the ideal cycle length to see results on a low dosage of say 1iu per day? I have heard and read anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 mths.
2 does body weight play a role in dosage?
3 when coming off cycle, how long should you stay off?

I’m very interested in the recovery effects it has on the body! Yet I do not wish to have my organs 3x the size lol.

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Thank you for your replies! I apologize if I offended anyone by this question, I am just very green to growth. Below are the peds I have used.

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1iu per day is waste of money IMO unless you are 60+ years old probably see a benefit at that age on pharma GH.

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1iu/d, I wouldn’t even bother taking it then. 3-4iu is where you want to be at if looking for long term benefits. The longer you run it the better. I’ll probably never come off it. Body weight isn’t a major factor in dosing. There is a lot of good info about GH on this site so I would do a little more reading if I were you.

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It says youre not new to cycles or bodybuilding so im guessing youve not spent any time here reading those forums. Those questions are day 1 beginner questions gor folks didnt even read a thing.

So whats the real story here?

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I have done my reading good sir yet each article is different and everyone’s body responds different. The only peds I have ever used are test, Deca, Anavar, dbol, EQ, sust, and winstr. I guess you can say I am a beginner when it comes to growth. Didn’t mean to offend at all.

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