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+ 1 Ultima Peptides from PMroids


Got some Ultima BPC-157 from PMroids.

First run ever with BPC, looking to reduce neck pain and alleviate IBS symptoms.

Anyone ever receive label-less Ultima gear before? This is the first time I am trying their peptides line and PMroids said they remove the label for security reasons...

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Interesting as I’ve always had labels on mine from this source.

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Yeah I just got some ultima hcg from a different source no labels.

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Peps have always came without labels.

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Yeah I've had Ultima peptides with no labels from a different source and they said they removed labels as well but I don't exactly believe them because they will send regular gear vials with labels on them. Some of these peptides fall in a gray area where they aren't exactly illegal so why would they remove the labels. That's my thought.

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Facts and same here.

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Yeah this is PM ROIDS USA domestic Ultima peptides & hgh. The hgh, and fragment were both legit as well as IGF-lr3

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Thanks for the reassurance brother! Their reasoning seemed legit, just wanted some other reassurance!