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+ 1 Good looking Gorilla kingz!


Guys over at Gorilla Kingz let me put in a test run with them for 2 sust and a tren ace and i gotta say they've got some of the best packaging if not the best I've ever saw. Theirs no any of the vials would of broke I've got no doubt. TA was Hella quick less then 5 business days with the holiday, also their communication is next level. I'm going to switch from a different labs tren to theirs starting tomorrow.

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Can't wait to see some legit reviews on the quality..

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Lol that sucks. It's the solvent. What works for me to avoid the cough is I always pin tren in the ventricleglute and nowhere else.

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Thank you so much for taking a chance on us. I hope we can work for you again soon