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+ 9 Blood work Maha promo 125 mg E5D


Excellent product, possibly over dosed, as it's about 500 higher than what I expected my test levels to be, BUT I have always responded better to test enanthate than test cyp, so that may be the cause.
Yes I know my E2 is way too high, and I am cutting my test dose down by 30%, and have started taking 6.25mg aro e3d, and will do so for 2 more doses, 12 days total, run 75mg of the test e5d for a month and retest my blood work.
I fasted so I have no idea why my glucose was high.
I stopped smoking Over a month ago and have no idea why my carbon dioxide was high, Since I am testing again in a month, I am not going to worry about it until I get those results back.
Pctshop.com was easy to deal with, even with the high e2 I feel great, and am going to do a blast with Maha Test-E in the fall, I totally recommend both the lab, and the src.
Ps, lol. I have been away for a while and the new format of the site is hard to get used to, if there is anything visible in my photo that shouldn't be, please report it to a mod, and I will fix the problem and repost later, I am just trying to get it up fast as possible today.

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thanks for sharing the bloods mate! appreciate it!

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Thanks for posting these brother. What’s your estrogen usually at on your 125mg trt dose? Just don’t crash it. I may be different than most but depending on goals if im feeling good with no sides ill let the esto ride alittle high. Definitely not ideal for all.

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Hey th ask for these bloods. I’m gonna have to try the maha
Products. I’m gonna try and run an all maha cycle and see the results.

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Do you by chance have sleep apnea?

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Possibly, I do keep a broken sleep cycle. I never sleep more than 5 -6 hours straight, but can take really short power naps, like 5-15 minutes, every time I sit down for that long. I am a naturally really hyper person, but the second I stop moving or doing something, I am almost instantly asleep.

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Good work getting your bloods done!!! That should be a bonus X 10 points.

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Carbon dioxide high....respiratory issues? Smoker?

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I stopped smoking 5 weeks ago Tuesday, and in the past I have been a smoker during all my labs and never had it come back high. I honestly have no clue what could have caused that to be elevated.

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Interesting. Just got me curious to potential causes.

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Me too brother, especially since I have not smoked a cigarette in 5 weeks. And I never was a heavy smoker. I am doing blood work again in 35 days and if it's still even slightly elevated, I am going to my primary care doc. The funny thing is, I feel fine...

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So you’re taking around 175 mg a week, still looks really high. Im assuming it’s a tad overdosed. If you don’t mind me asking what is your levels on that dosage typically?

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Usually it peaks around 1100 on 100mg pharma test cyp e5d, and unfortunately all the other blood work I have done over the years has been on 500mg or higher per week during blasts.

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I agree it's a little overdosed. The carbon dioxide is a lil concerning. And 1100 on 100mg test c is good, 1700 on 125mg test e is better lol. Good deal. Thanks for posting bloods though my man. Stay strong! +1