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Are some people being born with Superhuman Strength these days?

This guy weighs 83kg - Simply Incredible .....

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Ya know the more I watch that bud the more I find it strangely attractive when a woman pisses herself whilst deadlifting LMAO

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LOL The first thing I thought when I saw that was I'd be more concerned about slipping on it if it gets underneath her shoes!! I think I'd have to draw the line if she soiled herself though lol

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I think alot of people have this unusual 'superhuman strenght' but they never exploited it. I can think about a few colleagues I worked with who were lean and strong but they never trained in any way. Imagine the potential if they got into this and trained and ate right

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These very shocking lifts always seem to be in deadlift - often a fairly slim guy in comparison to the weight. Every time its always someone who has mastered the absolute art and angles of the lift so all the hinges get lined up mm perfect to get the pull. Generally they will have a fairly weak bench too as they lack absolute chest and muscle power, plus if you continually do deads it kills the rotators & CNS for bench. This is unless of course you are Larry Wheels or Haack who can just smash continual crap out of their body and progress no matter what Lmao. Then again look at Johns deadlift and all he does is bend over and pull it - half the time it looks like a stiff legged deadlift and his back is gonna snap.

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I've always said when you hit an all time PR in a lift that you really care about its the Best feeling in the world - the 24hrs after it everything seems awesome even if its shit LMAO Problem is pal is once you have peaked in your prime it can become very difficult to better it and the longer you chase it again sometimes the more frustrating it is and you just wanna throw in the towel Lol I am starting to realise thats when you really need to hire a reknowned coach who can help you to keep progressing, there are just so many techniques and strategies out there its hard to know which to follow as ultimately you are committing 3 months of your life to it each time.

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And he walks off like a boss!

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