Cut stack 150
Blend by Para Pharma

category count / average
Effectiveness 10 1 Credibility 9 1 Side Effects / Pip 10 1 Overall 10 1
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Product Effectiveness
Average: 10 (1 vote)

I haven’t tried the cut stack since and it’s a damn shame, although I don’t have bloods or jano testing just by simply going through my photo gallery you can see the body fat percentage melt alongside test 500 a week, all while maintains the same amount of strength on all my lifts. This has been the most potent blend I’ve ever put in my body

Product Credibility
Average: 9 (1 vote)

100% although pricey and I think should be pinned every single day would yield greater results.

Side effects and PIP
Average: 10 (1 vote)

Side effects were lack of hunger, increased perspiration, increased sex drive, mucho increase vascularity, increased strength while shedding weight, voice deeper as well

Final Verdict
Average: 10 (1 vote)

Slightly overdue however I ran this cut stack 150 in the winter months. Ordered 2x 150 and ran 1 unit EOD My vial lasting a total of 20 days. Within the first week body temperature rose, midsection was tightening up, water retention was non existent I believe due to the mast. The most noticeable positive was increased sex drive, I remember the order consisting of a slightly fatter vial and the other slight narrow, the two differing in color from an amber color to a dark amber. They were ordered domestic from a popular source.

Additional comments

I’m coming across a lot of popular UGLs and their crazy blends, normally I’d stay away cause chances were one of the compounds were underdosed however with ParaPharma cut stack it lived up to the reputation 10/10

I recommend this product!
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