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+ 12 Back Transformation


How’s the back looking y’all?

Decided that it’s time to make a change for the better, took diet & training seriously & with the help of 87’s amazing stuff, 11 months later this is the outcome 320lbs down to 210lbs. Honestly beyond grateful that I found out about Eroids. I love it here.

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This is most likely fake pics. This is the same guy that stole and posted tictoc infulencer's pics

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Oh, shit! Great job, dude! *Respect

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Good job

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Major progress. Your hard work and sweat has paid off big time.

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You're a whole damn new person. Have you had one of those experiences where you run in to someone you haven't seen for a year or two?

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Nice work!!!!

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Great job! Don't forget to take credit for hard work yourself!

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+1nice work

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Great job man! Looks of hard work there +1

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Fucking sic!!!
Good shit G!

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Damnnn sonnn!!!! The difference is HUGE!
Keep it up!

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Nice bro!!!!

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Well done! Tightened up alot and congrats on the weight loss.

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Nice work. Good

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Looking good! Keep it up man!