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500 mg Test C per week (Batch: PRBU996 09/2027)
1 mg Arimidex twice per week (Batch: AR0001 12/2025)

I took 1mg Adex the day before the test. I didn't know the testosterone was capped at 3K, I probably hit the upper/mid 3000s. 250mg has me around 1900.

Blood drawn at the end of week six.

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We all spread love here guys, there's no need for the hate.

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@Rustyhooker - I don't mind being down voted for a legitimate reason, have the balls drop a comment and explain. To down vote a legitimate lab post is straight disrespect to the board sponsor I ordered from. Retaliation for me up voting letsgobrandon is straight chicken shit. I'm not surprised coming from you. I am surprised that the MODS let you get away with this crap though. Maybe they won't. @BFG

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Same goes for your negging comments with no reason. Im not explaining anything else

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Provide proof then... I never negged one comment of yours or anyone's.

In fact I have never down voted one person on this site ever. Everyone can see the pulse Rusty, you are a liar. MODS can confirm.

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Thanks!! Stooopid computers