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+ 5 TESTC 250 From Xeno Labs Domestic


3 TESTC 250 (Testosterone Cypionate)

Got in on this last promo big thank you to Roidforsale for allowing me to participate in this generous promotion. Pack landed in 3 days domestic. I will leave a review once I use these products as I have a good feeling about this order.

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All Xeno Product oils always look like the color of label. lol NPP i had looked yellow Tren blood red now this Mint mojito lookin shit. Its gotta be the labels making it look like that I never took notice when in the barrel

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it was my first experience with this lab on eroids. i have been on here for a while i think I won't regret for sure

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Those always look so pretty

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Xeno labs know exactly what they was doing

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They really filled those vials to the top. Let us know how it goes.

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without doubt they really filled those vials to the top I will give feedback once I use these gears

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i like mojito cocktail Smile

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Colors of Mojito for sure

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