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+ 1 POLL: How do you locate content on eroids?


How do you locate content on eroids

Search box
22% (4 votes)
From the eroids frontpage
22% (4 votes)
Check what friends are doing via Heartbeat pulse
17% (3 votes)
I rely on the green "NEW" badges
11% (2 votes)
I stumble upon stuff
28% (5 votes)
Total votes: 18
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Front Page, Heartbeat, Search

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With extreme prejudice!!

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Always the Heartbeat first to see what is currently popular and what I haven't yet seen, then go through Track to check responses and then the front page for new posts.

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Search, front page, and stumble (old age it's a trip......... and a fall).

Owes a Review × 1
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I use the search box, front page, pulse, and stumble upon stuff lurking the forums.

imo this site is setup very well and user friendly. It does take some time to learn how to use and navigate the site but once you do it's an amazing place for self educating.

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So, I use the search bar for information, and I check new posts on the front page occasionally to roast or help people.

But usually I use the track button to see what’s newly posted on things I’ve commented on already to continue the roast, or help…

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You never roast me. Why is that bro? I thought we are friends.

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You have to say stupid things in order to be roasted shred, also you have to be naturally’re just not roastable, no’re usually mid roast when I see the threads anyways, how am I gonna roast a roaster!?

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We could tag your

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