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1st time order with DC, had to switch payment method but wasn’t either one of our faults and DC was articulate and patient enough to guide me through another process.

T/A 5 days during PROMO and packaged tightly and discreet.

RIP BLEND 250 looks great,, labels are straight, nicely adhered, crimping is great with no movement at all and cap is still fully attached.

I will post a full review once I finish this beautiful looking product.

Ordered from:
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That looks delicious

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I’m noticing he cares about his products and customers.

Haven’t used any of his stuff but will very soon!

Never used a blend keep us posted.

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I had great communication with him as a 1st time order. I tried another RIP blend from another domestic source about 5-6 years ago and noticed good results, but then again you’re not sure if its dosed properly for all 3 compounds and while dieting. I always liked running them separately but with the promo and 20ml, I figured let’s go with it.

I’ll definitely post my journey with this one. Thank you for your post and good luck with your training endeavors!

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Yeah that’s why I stay away from blends I’ll just buy them all separately and load it up in one barrel but the downside is being a pin cushion as you already know lol. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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looks great, definitely a good power plant!?

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Definitely prettier in person! Looking forward to seeing how much power my Friend. Thank you for your post and good luck with your training endeavors!