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+ 2 260iu toptrope( white top) HPLC TEST report


Dear customers , please check the 260iu toptrope white top test report! It's legit!!
Or check by this link:

(important notes: janoshik.com changed testing method from 2021, but we are still using the old production method so the purity is lower than our original purity 99.5%! We asked , All other sources in this hgh market testing at 2021 is lower than original purity from 2021 if test by janoshik.com)

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Iv been using toptrope white tops that I got sometime ago that were also tested from another src that also Carries them and I never get CP but damn dude have I been feeling it in my hands and alil in my feet but most in my hands... There even alil puffier.... I usually stick to pharma grade but I figured I'd use this stuff up and it's also nice having a vial with 24-26iu I can't remember which mind were kit wise it was either 240iu or 260iu kit... Iv been dosing it as 26iu in each vial and I'm even using a bit Less then I normal do.... I can deff feel this stuff.... I actually plan to see if I can grab a CPL more kits, they got a good vacuum to them the pucks were extremely good and took a minute or two to full dissolve and is totally clear.... For the price u can't beat it.... I'm sure unless my doctor is a douchebag I'll try and get bloods done. My gp can be a real dickhead and it's hard to get bloods done from the state I live in unfortunately

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Thank you for your support bro!
Iam sure our hgh quality is one of the best in this market!and hplc test confirmed that too!
Enjoy it!

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Yeah I'm just legit being honest this is an older kit that I kept in my fridge with my pharma gh but I can most definitely feel this gh... If I can I will try to get bloods being the state I'm in I have to go though my gp and ask him instead of just being able to order them like others do.... But yeah just being honest and it's nice to see the new batch is decent also might have to buy another kit or two for sure the ones I have are also white tops and I remember it was the largest kit the 260iu kit it was either 260 or 240iu but I remember the testing and it being over so I'm pretty sure it was a 260iu kit for sure and I remember the testing being.very good on this batch also

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