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FBI sponsoring crime near you?


Feds setting people up to bust em nothing new just a good write up of the deep yall think this goes? Informants in forums?

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There's always gonna be moles in forums. Wether they give a shit or not, I don't think so.

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Yeah from what I’ve seen and heard nothing happens to just guys ordering gear for personal cycles or just a bulk order. Customs just sends you a nice pink slip explaining why… lol

Now when it comes to sources some do get busted and that solely circumstantial but when a source starts stepping into other things besides aas, insulin, hgh, peptides things like narcotics and so on is when agencies start looking into them.

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Honestly LE isn't overly interested in steroid distribution. A lot of LE are on steroids. Most people who get busted are also involved in other illegal activities.

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I one time had a vial leak out in a pack and royalmail had repacked all the vials into a transparent bag where you could clearly see all the vials and labels. Not to mention stinked of oil.

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Hell yea...fuck around and nab some of their own..I can dig it