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+ 15 MY Experiment Photos


Pictures from the My Experiment advanced posting.Insubolic IGF-1 Brand from Roidsource.

Sitting at around 228lbs with goal weight of 240lbs within 12week experiment.

Looking at bringing significant changes and especially legs since "the tweaking" which I have recovered from and thus no more excuses to sluff off on a leg day.

I am looking to put on some quality lbs since this is the most fat I have ever carried on my frame intentionally.

Calories are currently 3000-3500 and will be keeping that steady along with likely EOD being 5000cal days. Its GROW season and as long as I can flex and see abs I will get in good quality cals with plenty of "that looks good" cals in.

Yes, I am still using Basicstero for my gear. ROIDSOURCE products are HGH and INSUBOLIC/IGF-1

Did some COLD/ZERO PUMP measurements:

FYI, I will attempt to get someone to measure Chest/Neck/Shoulder/Lat measurements asap.

Also, when pumped I do seem to get about 1-1.5" increase in the arms!!!

R-leg 28"
L-leg 27.25"

R-calf 18"
L-calf 17.25

R-arm 20"
L-arm 19.75"

R-forearm 14.5"
L-forearm 14.25"

Ordered from: 
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I also have noticed this thing. Storing photos on iCloud isn't working as well. I have noticed that the quality of photos is worse after you downloaded the photos multiple times. I have tried to make this procedure with Google Drive, and it has no issues. I already started to think that Apple is not as good how I was imagining. I started to change my devices from Apple to Samsung. I bought myself a new Samsung Galaxy S 21+, and I like it a lot. The interface is not hard to learn, and it is not glitching how many iPhone lovers say.


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Yeah, photo quality sucks and lighting is off.

Little leaner, stomach is flattening down nicely and feeling healthy.

Updated supplement changes and "focus" of experiment in ADVANCED section.

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Update on Advanced section.

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New update in Advanced Section.

New pics to be updated soon on pic section.

Very impressed so far!

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Thank you for posting.

Looks like I am able to post again. Still no explanation nor a warning as to potential reason why.

Looking forward to updating.

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Thank you again.

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It'll be your turn soon!

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Damn, great physique and you got them boulder shoulders!

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Thank you!

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As always, I appreciate you dropping your nuggets of wisdom along the way.
I’ll be following big bro!

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Just trying to keep up with ya!

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You may end up on my basement wall next to Nasser.

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Very nice of you to say!

Nasser was an interesting guy to meet in person. Had a few chats with him back in the day.

Have to admit, 250lbs will likely be my max on this small skeletal structure but at 5'5" I am doing my best.

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Proper placement of the “no homo” there.

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Homo/no-homo or otherwise...I take compliments just the same =)

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Great to see this on eroids, not many with your size and dedication who are as active as you are on here.

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There were some great guys on here before I jumped on board.

Doing my best to leave a small imprint for those in the future as well.

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There was and still is but a lot keep quiet or stick to pm. It’s great when members have the bottle to post in open forum as it’ll no doubt be criticised and speculated upon which often put many off posting.

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I’ll throw in one for ya..

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Um huge... that’s all I’m going to say!!! ;) Looking great bro!

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Thank you!

We'll see how the end product looks.

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Crazy machine !

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Huge .... your line is still exceptional, shoulders, back and arms are impressive....

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Looking forward to seeing how much I can bring the legs up after a lay-off.

Everything else will grow but as we get older LEGS get more stubborn.

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Appreciate it!

I've been this heavy and leaner so once I get legs training again I should see some improvement in all areas.

The goal is 240lbs and that is uncharted territory for me since my highest is 235lbs and lean.

I'll look pretty in the mornings (flat stomach) but damn does it get filled by afternoon much less before bed. LOL