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I have been using Somas on and of for about 2 years now. They are definitely the only product I have had that I can confidently say is pharmaceutical grade.
I been taking 4 iu daily .Split Am and preworkout in the evening.I take 1 day off a week. I also inject IM. Insulin needle in the delt .
I am very happy with the labs.I was only going to take igf1 but I wanted to test a vial I found.I found a vial in the back of my fridge that is at least 11-12 months old. Maybe a couple months older .
I was curious to see how this old vial would do in a serum test . Wow! Still has its integrity.

I took about 10 iu IM a little over 3 hours before test.

IGF1 -525
Hgh- 31 (year old vial )

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greta bro +1, somas are legit!!

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Thanks for testing brother. I'm on these now and without doing a test myself I can tell this is some of the best generic out there. +2

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3 years ago had to test everything. It's nice now to have some confidence in generics

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Thanks for testing and sharing. Running these new and also moved to IM because of welts and lumps for sub-cut pins which I know is a potential side effect. +1

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I used to get welts from my Nords at first. I always get welts if I stop for a few months but they go away in weeks. My friends run the same stuff. We buy together in bulk th save money. They get no reaction at all . I have been fine with these but I haven't taken any breaks at all.

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Got a couple of these kits on the way, thanks for testing +

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I pinned 3 hours before. Here's something I have noticed though. People say that if you pin the 10 iu it spikes your igf1. I don't think that it's that significant. I have been up close to 500 on 4 iu. And this test was over .So maybe my igf1 spiked some . But I am getting my freebie test from my doc in a couple weeks. When I do that 1 I am not even gonna inject in the am. I am curious to see how much lower it is. I bet not much.