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+ 20 GH serum 24.4 on the baseline 0.05


baseline is <0.05, then i injected one vial,on subQ, 3 hours, (didnt fast ), i ran a blood test, the gh is 24.4. its not as high as some others members who ran the same gh(35.2, 33.8 etc),but its still ok. but i think the gh serum is not so accurate and stable, many factors could impact, but IGF1 is more stable and more important. i will post my IGF1 tomorrow. so i suggest guys run IGF1

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Thanks for sharing+ from me

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Thank you kindly for sharing brother! +2 for keeping the community informed!

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Thx bro for posting! +1

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Thanks for sharing. +2

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u r more generous than me , bro, i dont wanna be karma bitch, im not greedy, i just need 1000 karma, so i dont look so poor

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Thanks for posting +1

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Results vary between subQ & IM. Still good #!!+2

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u r more generous than me,bro,thanks a lot

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thanks for posting ....cant wate to dive in:-)

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Sweet thanks for sharing brother. +2

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+1 for keeping it real

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Thanks for posting! Looking forward to IGF

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Really like the way I feel on this thanks Matt

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the most important is that u guys like this, im happy for this,thanks

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That not bad at all for generics can't wait for igf- 1

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thanks a lot, big bro

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Cant wait to see the IGF's !!

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