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  • Rules and Guidelines

  • BFG   •   Sun, May 29th, '11 11:50   •   0 replies, 108811 views

  • Selling illegal substances on eroids.com in any way is strictly forbidden, and a bannable offence.
  • Promoting and advertising illegal substances ANYWHERE on eroids.com is strictly forbidden.
  • Registering multiple accounts is forbidden and a bannable offence.
  • Acting as REPS and SHILLS for sources is forbidden, and will be penalized.
  1. Registering a Username
    1. DO NOT Register more than one username, or you might be a candidate for a ban. This is necessary to prevent multiple identical accounts voting and commenting on the same source!
    2. DO NOT Use your real name, or anything that could reveal your identity in your username!
  2. Voting
    1. Stars Voting on Sources
      1. Score is calculated via Bayes Estimator algorithm.
      2. You'll be allowed to rate when you've gained enough trust from the community.
      3. Vote only if you have had any experience with the source!.
    2. Stars Voting on Products
      1. Vote only if you have had any experience with the product!.
    3. Tagging content in Reviews and forum posts
      1. You will not be able to tag content, until you earn at least +6 KARMA score.
      2. Upvote content that you find helpful and reward the author with a +1
      3. DO NOT tag "downvote" simply because you disagree with the poster. Everyone has their own experience with products or sources.
      4. 'Karma whoring' will be penalized!
  3. Posting
    1. Posting in Review Sections
      1. ONLY REVIEWS ARE ALLOWED IN REVIEW SECTIONS! People come to "Source Reviews" expecting to read reviews - firsthand experiences related to dealing with a source. While some comments written as replies to a review might be tolerated if they're not too off topic, questions, customer support, chit-chat posts and similar will be deleted.
        • You may write a review if:
        • You have received an order
        • You have not received an order in advertised timeframe.
        • You have used the received products.
        • DO NOT POST only to tell us you got the gear. People receive packages every day.
      2. NO SOURCE PROMOTING Don't mention/promote other websites in the source's thread you're posting a review for.
      3. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION Tracking codes, names, addresses, order ID's, emails, AIMs and such, are strictly forbidden.
      4. NO PAYMENT INFORMATION Posting payment information is very dangerous and strictly forbidden.
      5. Don't downvote just because disagree. Every user has their own experience.
      6. A minimum of 60 characters is needed to post a review to discourage low quality posts like "Good source", "Bad Source" etc. Replies do not have that limit.
    2. Posting in Steroid Reviews Threads
      1. Stay on topic. Talk about the product being reviewed - side effects, effectiveness, your experience with the product and such.
    3. Posting in Forums
      1. Promoting products or sources, discussing specific brands, labs products or sources in the forums is not allowed!
      2. No Source Reviews in the forums. We've got a place for that!
      3. Do not copy/pate articles you find on other boards. If you must share your findings, write up a short excerpt and provide a link to the original article. Alternatively post a link with a short description in News section.
      4. If you start insulting each other, I'll sit back and laugh or maybe ban you both/all.
      5. Common sense is to be used across the board. (except maybe in Off Topic).
  4. Submitting New Content
    1. Submit Source Reviews
      1. Everyone is welcome to submit new sources. Enter website url without the "http://www" in the "Website Name" field (somewebsitename.com). Make sure your source isn't already submitted.
    2. Submit Steroid Reviews
      1. Make sure a product is not already submitted. Carefully follow the instructions above the input fields
    3. Submit Pictures
      1. Submit pictures of the product you've received. Select appropriate category, Self Pics, or My Gear.
      2. Min image dimensions: 300x300
      3. Max image dimensions: No limit.
    4. Submit News
      1. Submit steroid, bodybuilding, fitness related news here.
  5. Friends and PM
    1. Making Friends
      1. To befriend a person, visit their profile page and click the "Become User's Friend" link. If he/she person accepts, you're considered friends :)
      2. Only users with reprocial "friend" status, can exchange PM messages.
      3. Moderators can send PM to everyone. If you receive a PM by a moderator, you might not be able to reply.